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Alix Lambert

220x150 mm hardback
Red painted book block
352 pages
ISBN 978-0-9550061-8-0
Published 2008

D&AD Nomination 2008

As long as it has been documented, crime has captivated the 
public's imagination. This book brings together the world of crime 
with its artistic counterpart and allows a dialogue to develop 
between the two. Through interviews with detectives, actors, 
murderers, film directors, prison inmates and authors, Alix Lambert 
uncovers both the prosaic and the extraordinary in a subject 
that implicates us all.

Over 5O interviews including:
Ben Affleck, Jake Arnott, LAPD Chief Bratton, Michael Buscemi, 
Dave Courtney, David Cronenberg, Mike Hodges, Ice-T, 
Takeshi Kitano, Dennis Lehane, Elmore Leonard, David Mamet, 
Viggo Mortensen, Samantha Morton

CRIME: Boxed Edition with Print cover

CRIME: Boxed Edition with Print

100 signed and numbered copies with a signed print (see below) in a black wibalin clamshell box.



A powerfully designed and edited investigation into crime, both in cinema and the real world. With its impressive contributors and art direction it may well be a collector's item soon.

For a voyeristic and intriging read, we can't recommend this book enough. Simply excellent.
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