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Fleur Olby

295x220 mm hardback
112 pages
ISBN: 0-9550061-0-4
Published in 2005


Fleur Olby photographs plants and flowers in beautiful and intricate detail. Her plant portraits display an enormous range - from romantic and colourful to vivid and graphic - encompassing shapes textures and patterns. While covering a complete diversity of plantlife her images still retain her distinctive style. 

Her photographs illustrated Monty Don's gardening pages in the Observer Magazine for seven years, developing a loyal following. This book is Fleur Olby's first photographic monograph and contains some of her most popular iconic images - as well as many previously unseen photographs.

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Fleur's flowers often fall like watercolour onto the page, almost slipping away from their outline. The garden is left far behind and the pictures are more akin to looking down the lens of a microscope than swishing through a border. These are plants out of time and place, and locked into their own perpetual strangeness which, of course, they have always had, but which you had failed to notice in among all the gardening.
Monty Don in The Observer

Seen through the lens of Fleur Olby's camera the world is a beautiful place. Fleur's highly stylised images are her trademark, they began with a love of nature and the desire to convey detail and essence in it's simplest form.
Gardens Illustrated

A collection of plants and flowers presented beautifully, supported by unobtrusive design. In this context, by virture of being paired-up over the spreads, the colours and forms echo and contrast with each other. The viewer is constantly surprised by the sheer range of shapes, textures and patterns.
Creative Review

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