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Aeroflot – Fly Soviet cover Zoom

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Bruno Vandermueren

205 x 125 mm hardback
240 pages
ISBN: 978-1-9162184-6-8
Published in 2021

10% goes to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Despite the borders of the USSR being closed to majority of its population, Soviet citizens were among the world’s most frequent flyers. 

This book unfolds the story of Soviet air travel, from early carriers like Deruluft and Dobrolet, to the enigmatic Aeroflot. Organised like an Air Force, with a vast fleet of aircraft and helicopters, Aeroflot was the world’s biggest air carrier of passengers and cargo, responsible for a wider range of duties than any other airline. Aeroflot – Fly Soviet uses beautiful graphic ephemera to illustrate a parallel aviation universe that existed for 70 years, from the very beginning of the USSR through to its demise in 1991.


Aeroflot: a history of the Soviet airline
The Guardian in pictures

From biplanes to the supersonic 'Concordski': Fascinating book unravels the mystery surrounding Soviet carrier Aeroflot – 'a parallel universe of aviation for 70 years'

The history of the USSR’s oldest airline reflects the history of the country itself.
Russia Beyond

Another beautifully researched tome from FUEL, this time chronicling the admirable aesthetics of Communist air transport ... this book is a unique insight into another world of aviation. 

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