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180 x 220 mm softback
240 pages
Screenprinted cover
ISBN: 978-1-7398878-1-0
Published in 2024

From austere post-war Britain to poppy pre-millennium Japan, Audio Erotica presents a nostalgic nirvana of the strangest and most significant period hi-fi brochures. Alphabetically listed, from Aiwa to Zenith, with Braun, JVC Nivico, Nakamichi, Sony and everything in between, this book will resonate with any music fan.  

Setting the tempo are the pipe-smoking, high-end separates (amplifiers, speakers, turntables) of the 1950s, followed by the swinging Dansette record players of the 1960s, the prog-brushed-metal music centres of the 1970s, and the sleek capitalist cabinet stack systems of the 1980s – not forgetting the aerobic stereo sound portability facilitated by the boom-box, and that final high-fidelity, hardware hurrah: the compact disc. All accompanied by questionable fashion decisions and acres of shag-pile carpet. 

The evocative brochures in Audio Erotica track the technological development of audio equipment before the digital download, while simultaneously revealing the way hi-fi was marketed to the listening public. With knobs on.

Audio Erotica slipcase cover

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Audio Erotica slipcase edition
+ 4 Audio postcards.

Last few copies.

Audio Erotica slipcase


Graphic designers will find both books [Auto Erotica] as a treasure trove for art direction from bygone eras, as well as unique typefaces that, similar to the renewed interest in high end amps and turntables, is rearing its head into the style guides of emerging designers and corporate rebrands.


Guaranteed to appeal to both closet hi-fi anoraks and connoisseurs of vintage product and graphic design, Jonny Trunk’s latest labour of love elevates the lure of all things hi-fi to almost fetishist objects of desire in their own right. A must have addition to any right-thinking record collector’s reference library.

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