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Thaddeus Zupančič

160x200 mm hardback
304 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7398878-4-1
Published in 2024

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The most comprehensive photographic document of council housing schemes in the capital, with incredible images from every London borough and the City, featuring 275 estates built between 1946 and 1981. 

London Estates documents these important buildings in all their diversity, championing the neglected alongside the distinguished, celebrating their vital contribution to the social and architectural fabric of the capital.

Featuring designs from a broad range of architects including Denys Lasdun (Keeling House, Trevelyan House); Chamberlin, Powell & Bon (Golden Lane Estate), Ernő Goldfinger (Balfron Tower, Trellick Tower); Basil Spence (Stock Orchard Estate, Tustin Estate), and Kate Macintosh (Dawson’s Heights).


Thaddeus Zupančič documents the buildings of London’s golden era of council housing provision as they are, warts and all, always with a deadpan but not unkind eye. Here, the familiar icons of modernism, the Goldfingers, the Lubetkins, the Lasduns, are just a small part of something much larger and more important – a vast amount of decent ordinary housing, doing its job without any melodrama.

Owen Hatherley

London Estates, although it is presented with FUEL’s characteristically elegant and fine design, is a deeply political book. Author and photographer Thaddeus Zupančič isn’t claiming to make a comprehensive study of every example of the capital’s extensive post-war, modernist architecture housing, but in seeking out the best, the blighted and the occasionally overlooked, he has assembled an important record.

Jonathan Bell, Wallpaper*

A beautiful and informative photographic record of modernist estates around the capital. Thaddeus’s work is as much street photography as it is architectural, and what is remarkable is the amount of lightly worn research in this book, revealing information about council housing that has remained hidden in obscure council minutes and records for decades.

John Grindrod

Ten modernist council estates that made a 'vital contribution' to London’s architecture


My Obsession With London’s Modernist Council Estates


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