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Jake Chapman

198x128 mm softback
240 pages
ISBN 978-0-9568962-1-6
Published 2011


In his third novel, Jake Chapman returns to the parochial world of Chlamydia Love, the contagiously popular heroine from his first issue The Marriage of Reason and Squalor

Charged by The Someday Times to establish the truth about the rumoured rift between the Chapman brothers, she ventures deep into the hollow heart of the Cotswolds to interrogate the taller one, inadvertently revealing less than she intended.

Illustrated with works from the exhibition Jake or Dinos Chapman, the book explores the value and meaning of art, laying bare the inner turmoil that ensues when an artist is required to make art all by himself...

Co-published with White Cube.

Print Edition cover

Print Edition

An edition of 100 with a signed and numbered hand coloured etching
250x210 mm (unframed) with a signed book in a burgundy clothbound Solander box with gold foil blocking. Shown below.


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