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210x280mm paperback
112 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9931911-4-5
Published in 2016

The Russian Alphabet Colouring Book marks the first publication of the graphic works of Russian artist Amanita. Suitable for all ages, his fantastical images form a unique world – they are like modern variations of illustrated manuscripts, packed full with elements of Soviet and post-Soviet cultures. The book also works as an introduction to the Russian alphabet. Every drawing depicts a word beginning with each letter from the Cyrillic alphabet, also shown in English, giving a light-hearted guide as to how the letters look and sound.

The subjects of his illustrations are wide ranging – from political leaders: Lenin, Gorbachev; to inanimate objects: Tupolev aircraft, Sputnik; via Tsars, cosmonauts and Constructivism – these classic Soviet themes are interwoven from one page to the next, all rendered in an abundance of detail. His amazing and skillful images define a previously unimagined graphic landscape that takes the humble colouring book into a new dimension.

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